Do You Need a Disability Lawyer?

If you are injured and unable to work, disability insurance is there to help provide you with an income to live on. The amount of money earned in a monthly disability payment is dependent upon the number of years that you worked and your average income. People who have sustained both permanent and semi-permanent disability may qualify for benefits. However, many people who apply are denied their first time around. Luckily, it is easy to hire disability lawyers in durham nc to file an appeal and get the money that you are entitled to receive.

Several reasons for a denied claim may be the cause of your denial. The most common reason for a denial is due to a lack of sufficient medical evidence. When submitting your claim, you must provide documentation from your physician and any other supporting medical evidence that backs your disability claims. A denial is common if you fail to paperwork that wasn’t completely or correctly filled out. A lawyer can help you complete the paperwork to prevent this problem. He can also help file an appeal claim if your claim is denied.

disability lawyers in durham nc

When you’ve been injured and cannot return to work, it causes a lot of stress and frustration. It is even more difficult to receive a denial when you apply for insurance designed to help you in such a situation. However, disability lawyers are there to take a load off your shoulders and provide the legal expertise that helps you during this most difficult time. It costs nothing to talk to an attorney during a consultation, so schedule this appointment and learn the most important disability claim information. There is no obligation to hire the attorney after the consultation but once you learn how they relieve stress, you’ll think of nothing else.

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